Thursday, February 5, 2015

Friday Finally!!

Let's be real, who doesn't get excited for Friday? I look forward all week to this lovely day!! I love not having to wake up without an alarm on the weekends and just have some Jessica time. Not only does Friday mean the weekend is knocking on my door, it also means I can wear jeans to work! ahhh!!! My staple!!! Ya know some people put half and half in coffee, well jeans are like my half and half in my coffee!!

I have to plan my outfits to night before (with limited options of course!) makes my morning routine that much smoother, oh and in addition to making my lunch the night before.

This is last Friday's outfit with black jeans:

Here are some pieces that I'm currently lusting after.

I think these tops will dress up jeans perfectly, but can also be worn so many different ways and with other pieces besides jeans.

All photos taken from the websites with links to the pictures.