Saturday, January 17, 2015

January Faves

These are some of my favorites that have made my makeup during the month of January so much easier!!!

1. I have a deep love for Armani's luminous silk foundation!! I was never one to wear foundation everyday, but this stuff, I just love how it feels and looks. It is absolutely worth the price! I get why it is a cult favorite.

2. This eyeliner I tried on a complete whim. I mean come on, the shape of it alone is just crazy. However, I am that girl that wears black liner in her waterline and tight line everyday! I was having a issue with my regular liner staying in my water line. After trying this, I am in love.

3. Too Faced Glitter glue, you are a god send!! Do you love Mac's pressed pigments, but never use them because the fallout on your face is like NO OTHER? Hi yeah I'm the same way, until ahhh Glitter glue! Amazing! It didn't irritate my sensitive skin, and my glitter stayed all night, but came off easily when it was bed time.

4. This odd thing! I picked up at Sephora and it is worth every cent! I have no problem throwing lashes on anyone else, but when it comes to putting them on myself, oh gosh! I have watched countless tutorials that tell you to use tweezers. I just get scared with the metal that close to my eye. This little helper is amazing, not only is the end rubber, but it is curved like the shape of your eye. First time is a hit when I apply lashes on myself and this stud! I am telling you this is a life save, game changer whatever else. Get this dude!

5. Red Cherry lashes oh the love I have, Light weight, fabulous quality, look amazing and cheap. I wish I didn't have to order them online, but its ok! I love them more then Ardell's yes, I said it!