Wednesday, May 21, 2014

back to the blog

well now that my amazing Mexico trip is over :( I will share pics, pinky promise!! I want to get back to blogging. I didn't mean to take that much time off, and I seriously missed you all. So lets just get to it.

I am fricken obsessed with Coconut Oil!!! I leave the jar on my bathroom counter. Not only does it take off all my makeup so nicely, and help my eyelashes to grow, but since I now have a lovely tan I need the moisture that this yummy stuff leaves behind!

This is the one I have. 

You also have to try this in your hair. I use it as a mask...cover your hair really well with coconut oil, put it on top of your head with a clip, and put a shower cap on. Stand it for as long as you can, then rinse out and wash your hair as your normally would. 

I also of course use coconut oil for cooking, adds yummy flavor and is healthier than other oils. 

How do you use coconut oil?