Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Glam it up!!

Not only do I have a makeup addiction, do they have Makeup's Anonymous? I also am constantly looking for new products to try for my skin.

I'm sure by now you have heard about Glam Glow and if not, where do you live?

Since my skin is sensitive, I was hesitant to try the masks. However, while at Sephora I saw they had a midgey size of the YouthMud so I bought it!

Tonight before my shower I figured what the heck, let me try this. I read that you should apply a thin layer and don't leave it on for longer than 10 minutes. I obeyed the rules for once.

Upon opening the package, it was the usual muddy green color. Once I put my finger in the pot, I felt the gritty texture right away. However, not only was there just grit, there was also chunks in the mask. I'm guessing leaves/sticks, but I can't be sure.

After I was done applying, my face felt a little harsh, not tingly, but like it was burning, not very intense, but enough to have me worry if the mask was too harsh for my skin. Another reason why I actually listened to the directions.

It dried quickly on my face, and when I say dried, man did it dry!!! It removed nicely with the smallest bit of water in the shower.

I do feel like it left my skin smoother, brighter and softer. However, because my skin is sensitive, I will most likely only use once a week not twice a week like the directions suggest.

I'm not sure if I will buy the larger pot just yet, but so far so good.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

game changer!

Recently I purchased the Master Class Oval #6 brush by MAC. Now, I have plenty of brushes and beauty blenders to apply foundation, but this is in a class of its own! It sort of resembles a toothbrush!


This brush was in development for over a year! The handle is ergonomically designed, and it has rubber on it for comfort! (They all have the tilted handle as seen below)

This brush is made up of what seems like thousands of tiny (synthetic) fibers, to feel so silky smooth on the face. Also, what is different about these brushes is that the product sits on top instead of soaking into the brush and getting all grody. What is a great feature about this brush too is that you can go right from liquid to powder!

Currently there are 3 Master Class Brushes in the line, but lets hope they will expand them. Currently they are available at the MAC store and online.

What kind of brush comes with this packaging? You know its got to be amazing!