Thursday, September 26, 2013

Catch up?!

Hey guys! Long time huh?! I know I've been busy! Surprise middle of the night hospital trips and all, how fun!! But now that I am better, back to the good stuff, makeup and fashion duh!!!

At work, they have the AC set on full blast all day. Normally, I am on the cold side, but at work, I FREEZE!!! Its seriously sick! I have been dressing for winter already and its only September....haven't quite broken out the Uggs just yet tho.

Here are a few of my outfits over the last few weeks. Since I wasn't feeling well, I was rocking sweats for a while, YUCK!

Since I've been on my weight loss mission I guess you can call it, I have like zero pants that fit me! I also don't really want to invest in pants now because I'm not at my goal. That is why you see some repeats of my current fave Gap ones.

J. Crew Swing Sweater, if you don't have this, go get it!!!! I was so on the fence about buying it, but I'm glad I did. Its comfy and looks great, and if you're having a fat day, it hides that! 

I love this saying, very motivational!! 

My favorite shorts, too bad I can't still wear them! 

Never would I have thought I would have rocked RED jeans!!! I love them, and they spruce up any outfit!

This was Monday's work outfit, a simple scarf adds warmth with a pop of color!

This is today's outfit, even though the temperature was 72 outside. Perfect for the crazy hectic day I had. 

How are you getting ready for fall? What are some of your must haves?

I recently purchased leather leggings and I cannot wait to wear them! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket.