Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life changer!!!

You all know I have a deep love for Mac, that being said, I NEVER use any of their skin care. Some of their eyeshadows I am allergic to, and I tried one of their face cleansers and got the most horrid reaction that I had to go to the derm! awful!

About a month ago, I purchased the Mac Lighful Marine-Bright Moisture Creme. I was skeptical because I didn't want to develop an allergic reaction. As you saw in my July faves post, it made the cut!

Let me explain...

I have always been one to have redness in my face. NO MATTER WHAT! So annoying. I swear by Mac's Skin Enhancer in Neutralize because it calms my redness. MY redness is so bad that I will never leave my house without something BB, Tinted Moisturizer, Foundation, something on my skin.

Enter Mac Lighful Marine-Bright Moisture Creme, I used it twice a day, morning and night, and wouldn't you know it, my redness has been cut down significantly! The description on the product says it takes time to notice a difference, but honestly I noticed in TWO days. And other people noticed too! HUGE!!!

This past weekend I purchased the rest of the system. 4 products in total....a cleanser, a softening lotion which is a fancy name for a toner, essence serum and lastly the moisture creme. That is the order you are to use the products in. You don't have to use the moisture creme in the morning and night, its up to you if you want to and if you feel like your skin needs that extra oomph of hydration. I have been doing all 4 steps twice a day for the last few days and not only do I still see a difference in the evenness of my skin tone, but I have this fabulous J. Lo glow! I also find my makeup looks smoother when it is on, and goes on nicer.

This is seriously the best thing since sliced bread to me, well if I ate carbs! That being said, this is without a doubt my August faves products. I may do a mini faves post, but I felt that the mac lightful system just needed its own post!

This is now available at both Mac stores and counters. Run don't walk!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

July 4 update

I just realized that I caught you up to speed in my life, however I never updated you on my July 4th antics. Really Jessica! LAME

A few friends and I, the usual suspects went to Hoboken which is on the Hudson River, but the Jersey side. We saw the Macy's NYC fireworks without having to trek into the city and fight the tunnel traffic and parking and mayhem.

We also stayed overnight at a hotel which made the night that more EPIC!

There were a few bets involved in the night...see when I go out, I tend ok, scratch that I am a BITCH that is right capital letters are necessary. If I don't want to talk to you random dude, I won't and don't touch me! So my friend dared me to hug a random guy, but of course they had to select the lucky individual. 

It was definitely a night for the books!

So this is what's going on!

So I'm back! I will get back on my regular blogging schedule. I started a new job and had to get into the swing of things, a routine...you get it right? So let me bring you up to speed on what I have been up to.

I have been trying to use things in my makeup collection that I rarely touch, like my pressed pigments or my other paint pots besides painterly. This has been a bit of a challenge for me, to step out of the box, but hey I purchased all of this stuff for a reason so ummm hello use it biotch!

Last night was a prime example of using new "old" products. For my eye makeup look I used Blackground and then put Blacklit electric cool eyeshadow over it. These eyeshadows are OLD! I'm talking like June 2012! I never opened it! And Blackground, well I think I have used that pain pot twice. I also used the pressed pigment in Light Touch on the inner part of my lid. At first I was reaching for the wipes to take this look off, but then I saw I was out of time, so I had no choice. The look eventually grew on me. I also smudge eyeliner underneath my lower lash line which was way out of the box for me. If I don't put blacktrack in my water line, then I put nothing on underneath. Below is a pic. Let me know if you want names of the colors.


In addition to stepping out of the box with my eyes, I have been doing so with other products I have that I don't use. Enter Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid from the Temperature Rising Collection. This is a product that gives you a glow....think J. Lo. I never know how to use this since its liquid, but I attempted. I applied my Neutralize Skin Enhancer and then the Golden Elixir over it with my 187 brush, then my Prolongwear foundation with my Beauty Blender. I think you can see the glow, or is that my highlighter that I used? Which PS Mac Cream Color Base in Pearl, most amazing Highlighter EVERRRR!!!  Below is a pic too, and I got a new blush, do we like?