Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome to my room...

Where the blog comes to life! I thought it would be fun to show you what I see when I sit and write posts, and what my environment is like. I took some pictures, and everything on my desk tells and story and has a very special meaning to me.

Here is a full shot of my desk...detailed shots below

My collection of Barbie ornaments hangs from the shelves! 

 Do you spy my favorite candle? The ceramic envelope is something my grandmother made for my parents when she went to ceramics. On the other side, it has our address, but to our old house which we moved from when I was 4. It sat in the closet for years, but I decided to use it for bills and cards and important items. 

This is my stack of reading, and where Molly stands. Molly is an American Girl from the Pleasant Company, which is before Mattel owned them. My first Bon Jovi concert ticket is on my cork board, along with a list of drinks I love in Epcot. 

I love my Eeyore and NY Giants, you always have to have note pads ready! 

This is where I sit. Usually Sammy my cat will sit on the top and look out the window. What girl doesn't love shoes? Come on now!