Friday, June 14, 2013

Tugs on your heart strings

This post is an emotional one so I suggest before you read on you go and grab the tissues. It is one I have been putting off writing because I personally didn't want to face the emotions also, but the time has come!

   We all know what happened in Newtown, CT on December 14, 2013, and well if you don't know, well you live in a bunker under a rock! Since today marks the six month anniversary of that horrible incident, I decided to share with you what I did to help.

   A few weeks after the event, I got an email from my doctor saying that she sent a letter to the town and wanted to donate 26 trees in memory of the victims.

  On April 27th my friend and I went to Newtown to plant trees at their sports field. The township parks department decided that is where our trees were going. My friend and I had anxiety about the day and what we would see. Getting off the exit, my heart started to race. The town of Newtown is the cutest town ever, so typical small town America. We drove on right past the church, the firehouse which now has 26 copper stars on the roof, many of the stores that had signs in the windows that were featured on the news like "Hug a Teacher" Right before the firehouse was a long skinny driveway, that driveway had all cones going across the road. That is where the Sandy Hook School was. The hanging sign that said Sandy Hook Elementary School was removed and there was an angel hanging in the sign's place. There were also all flower bouquets at the base of the sign.

  When my friend and I arrived at the park we met with Laura who was a township citizen who happened to pick up the letter my doctor sent back in December. We put on a brave face, and tried to stay positive, but it was very hard not to cry. She explained to us what we had to do with our trees and we got to work. We planted two of the 26 trees that day!

   While being their and talking to some of the people that were standing around and commenting on our work, we quickly realized these were the victims parents. That day we met three victims parents. They were all so strong and have such a positive outlook. We spent a lot of time talking with Avielle's parents, who started the Avielle foundation. Avielle and her family had just moved to Newtown three years ago, and she was an only child. Her parents were truly amazing people.

    Laura who was the coordinator, told us about the local bead shop called Bead of Roses. If you grow up in Newtown, this is the cool place to have your birthday! They are letting children of the town come in and make free pieces to help cope.Many of the girls would choose the green rose bead when they were making something, that is why one of the memory bracelets is made up of that bead.  They also have items that are being sold are portions of the profits are going to that particular child's foundation. Some of the parents, siblings and friends designs the bracelets that are being sold. The link is the one for the items in memory of the victims. Bead of Roses also donated a necklace to every volunteer who helped plant trees that day!

   I really was glad that I was able to help and make a difference is people's lives, people who lost so much also!

This was the park where our trees are. 
This was our second tree, all the parents walking 
down to the field stopped to thank us. 

You can see all the trees we planted

 This was our first tree

There was also a newspaper article posted about the whole experience posted here. 

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome to my room...

Where the blog comes to life! I thought it would be fun to show you what I see when I sit and write posts, and what my environment is like. I took some pictures, and everything on my desk tells and story and has a very special meaning to me.

Here is a full shot of my desk...detailed shots below

My collection of Barbie ornaments hangs from the shelves! 

 Do you spy my favorite candle? The ceramic envelope is something my grandmother made for my parents when she went to ceramics. On the other side, it has our address, but to our old house which we moved from when I was 4. It sat in the closet for years, but I decided to use it for bills and cards and important items. 

This is my stack of reading, and where Molly stands. Molly is an American Girl from the Pleasant Company, which is before Mattel owned them. My first Bon Jovi concert ticket is on my cork board, along with a list of drinks I love in Epcot. 

I love my Eeyore and NY Giants, you always have to have note pads ready! 

This is where I sit. Usually Sammy my cat will sit on the top and look out the window. What girl doesn't love shoes? Come on now! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Faves

These are a few of my favorite items for June! 

1. FitbitFlex I am obsessed with this! This bracelet tracks your steps, calories burned, activity, sleeping, and wirelessly syncs to your computer and app on your phone!

2. Shea Moisture African Black Soap This is a miracle worker, and it lasts a long time! I like how clean it leaves my skin feeling with no yucky smell!

3. Purple Eyeliner!! My new obsession!! The Revlon Purple Reign  has a brightener on one side and the other end is the color. The Sonia Kashuk Purple Passion one is a more intense purple that stayed on longer for me.

4. Covergirl Clump Crusher This mascara is my current holy grail! I usually HATE plastic bushes, but this one I love and it really does separate and remove clumps! WINNER!

5. MAC Saint Germain This is the perfect Barbie Pink. I love this color! It looks great alone or with a gloss over it. It is also a longer wearing shade. I wear a nude lipliner with it.

6. Reload I linked you to the youtube video. I am seriously obsessed with this song!! I loved Swedish House Mafia, and was upset when they broke up, but they are killing it on their own! This is the real music video for the song, so after 20 seconds or so of them talking, the song starts. This is a prime example of Sebastian doing his thing!! Great workout song too!

7. Out the Door topcoat This is seriously the best topcoat, and its super cheap! I think it was $4 at Harmon. It dries super fast and leaves a super shiny coat for days!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Motivation Monday!!

Hi Everyone! I'm having a bit of a rough time...could you have guessed by the lack of blog posts. Anyway here is some Monday Motivation for anyone else that needs it, I know I do! Hope your week is off to a good start!

I know, two ways to say the same thing, but 
I thought they were both cool, so I saved both....