Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Studded Converse

Well first I need to apologize for taking such a long break, that wasn't my intention at all! School is ending next week and my life has been hectic to say the least! With school coming to an end, I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule! I have some fun ideas for upcoming posts so stay tuned for that. Mean while, lets talk shoes!

You know me, when I get an idea in my head, watch out, there is no stopping me! I will not be satisfied until I at least attempt what ever the idea was. Enter studded Hi-top Converse.

I saw them originally on Etsy for $135. Being the little creative Jessica that I am, I knew I did not have to spend $135, I figured I could make them myself. After going to every fabric mom and pop store and fabric chain store by me, I decided to order the studs online. While the studs were "in the mail" I decided what color hi-tops I wanted and purchased them.

           I ordered Red, duh!                                          These are the studs I used.

The studs arrived in the mail yesterday, and wouldn't you know it I had to get to work right away!!! As far as project time, it took me maybe an hour and a half, way faster then when I blinged the front of my converse with rhinestones.

Already one of my friends wants a pair, so I guess Jessica's studded converse store is open for business.

If you stalk me on Instagram, you saw that I posted this teaser picture last night.

All Done! 

It was hard to get a picture of all the studs on the 
front and on the back, while wearing the shoe
 This was today's outfit, I was also celebrating that the Giants started their off season practice yesterday. Good thing their logo has red in it!