Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project time

I haven't done a reveal yet, I am still waiting for some bedding to arrive, but I have updated my room a bit. I will do a post once it all comes together, but I wanted to share this simple project I completed today. I was bored with my current wall art, and was thinking what can I do that would be different, but still fun! I did look online, but nothing really caught my eye, so I saw this idea on Pintrest and knew I could do this!

I don't remember how long it took, but I love the end result and I cannot wait to hang it up!

I happened to be in Lowe's so I went to the paint department and took a bunch of pink samples in various colors, 14 samples to be exact. 

Then I went to Michaels and got a canvas, pop up glue dots or dimensionals (whatever you call them) and I already had the heart punch. 

This is a close up of my Stampin' Up heart punch. I'm sorry I don't know the size, mini maybe?


I got to punching on the paint samples and got 9 hearts out of each sample, but I only ended up using 8.

Make sure to keep all the colors together! This will help in the layout step to get the ombre correct.

Start to place your hearts how you want them on the canvas.  

This is how it should look when all the rows are done being laid out.  

While leaving all the hearts on the canvas, start on the top row, and use a dimensional on the back in the center of the heart and place where you want it. The first row is the hardest. You can reposition them, but you have to be gentle.  

Here you can see the ones that are glued down, how they pop up, and the ones that still need to be completed.  

This is the finished project!!!!