Monday, April 22, 2013

Motivation Monday!

What helps to keep you motivated and on track with eating right? Temptation is everywhere these days from Fro-yo places on every corner and cupcakes in every flavor under the sun! These are some tips that I follow that I thought could help you.

1. On Twitter and Instagram, because come on, who DOESN'T have both, I follow fitness related people, like fitness magazine, and forever fit. When I am looking at my feed, and the little tips or sayings about fitness come up, it reminds me to stay on track.

2. On your iphone, because I know you have that also, make the lock screen wallpaper an inspirational saying. Pintrest has tons of these! Right now, I have mine set as "Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy" That way every time I unlock my phone, I read the saying and it keeps me focused.

3. I also subscribe to Jillian Michael's daily emails. She gives tons of tips about working out and eating. She will give recipes and will do a weekly fact or myth post which is always my favorite. I always have one of her workout DVD's in my DVD player, currently the 30 day shred is in there.

4. I always keep a Pure Protein Shake and a Quest Bar in my bag at all times. You never know when you are going to be hungry and you want to be prepared, so you don't resort to crappy stuff like fast food. Today for example, my lunch was a 35g Pure Protein chocolate shake, and around 3:30 I will have a snack, most likely an apple. Both of these products you can purchase at the Vitamin Shoppe.

Since my body and carbs have a hate hate relationship I try to avoid them at all costs, and only have about 100g of carbs per day. I also try and only have carbs before 12. I'm also seriously increasing my water intake, that helps with everything!

I love this, it is after all, up to you!

Keep going! I never thought it took that long!!

 This saying is so true, and I love it! 

I absolutely love this!!!! 

 This saying is very true, great when you are feeling blah

This is my phone's lock screen now