Sunday, January 6, 2013

Makeup Miracle!

Recently, I purchased the Beauty Blender, its online only pretty much. I only wear foundation on my nights out, because I normally will get a red face, add alcohol to that mix and its a red mess! I was using Mac's 187 brush to apply my foundation, but the last few times I wasn't liking how it sat on top of my face and made my not so noticeable pores scream HERE I AM!! I read up on the Beauty Blender and that is it like an airbrushed finish, who doesn't love that! I applied foundation to the back of my hand like I normally do, and then I ran the Beauty Blender under water, and squeezed out as much water as I could. It was still damp. Then I applied the foundation by dabbing it on. I think the mixture of the dampness in the sponge and the makeup itself, did in fact go on smoother. It did feel a bit funny at first, almost like my face was dewy, but that was because the sponge was damp, and it dried fast. I got tons more compliments on the night I used my Beauty Blender as compared to nights when I used my 187. I came home with more phone numbers too! ;)

I didn't purchase the cleaner, because I plan on using baby shampoo to clean it. 

 Close up of how my skin looks
 Like my eye makeup? Naked Palette!