Friday, December 28, 2012

Hair growth?

I have been taking Biotin for as long as I can remember, the extra strong ones, the regular ones, even taking more pills then it says on the bottle and I never really saw a difference in my hair. In my nails, yes, but not my hair. :( So about a month ago, I saw that Kyle Richards, my favorite Beverly Hills Housewife was the spokesperson for a new hair vitamin that she said she has been taking. Well if you don't have hair envy from Ms. Kyle, then I think you need your eyes checked. Her talking about this supplement reeled me in, I figured I would buy one month's bottle and if it didn't work well then who cares I didn't lose anything.
Well let me tell you, not only does it work, but its amazing!!!! I have way less breakage! I used to brush my hair and the counter in the bathroom would be covered in broken hair, now, maybe two hairs are there when I am done brushing. I also have noticed my hair is a lot softer and smoother, in addition to the added length!!!! Woo hoo!! AND my eyelashes are long, you know me and my short stubble lashes, well, not anymore! I seriously cannot get enough of Nourage, and I was so excited to share it with you guys! The best part about the vitamin is its all natural! Yes, its annoying to take 3 small pills twice a day, but who cares it works! Geeze, I sound like they paid me!

I haven't completed the first jar, which is a full month's supply, but look at the difference in length!!! And the after, my hair isn't flat ironed like the before, so my hair is a bit longer!