Friday, December 28, 2012

Def Game Changer!

     My lovely hair is one that no matter what will not hold a curl! I need to go to the salon to get those cute loose waves everyone rocks, because my hair is in a serious war with the curling iron. When I went to Florida in August, my cousin had this obscene looking curling iron with no clamp she attempted to curl my hair. Not only did my hair curl with no product in it, but it even looked good the second day! How is this possible?! I don't understand how a styling tool can make such a difference, and I was a skeptic until I saw it in action.
     I knew I needed to have this, so I put it on my "christmas list" and well wouldn't you know, Santa delivered!!! So I introduce you to the Sultra Bombshell! I got the 3/4" size, but it also comes in 1 inch.
A glove comes in the box, you wear it on the hand you are holding the hair with, so when you wrap the hair you won't burn your hand.

 Don't mind the no makeup face, no product in my hair!!!!