Saturday, July 21, 2012

Project time

I'm finally getting around to explaining my project a few weeks ago. I know I gave you this teaser pic. 

Well, now for the story. I was giving some old necklaces a new life! They were stuck in the back of my jewelry box, and I never wore them because they were gold. Off I went to Home Depot, just because it is closer then Lowe's, woah talk about being out of your element. I purchased primer and two cans of colored spray paint.


Then, outside, I laid the necklaces flat on news paper and sprayed evenly, all sides with the primer. Make sure to weigh down the edge of the newspaper with something so it doesn't blow and stick to the wet paint.

make sure to use gloves
close up of the primer on the necklace
  primer completed on both necklaces

Then you wait and make sure it is completely dry before moving on to the next step. This is the fun part, evenly applying the color! Obviously, you cannot get both sides of the necklace with the colored paint if the necklace is laying on newspaper. I made an invention! Hanging the necklace from the hanger and then spraying, this allowed me to spray from all angles and get the color in all the tiny cracks! Also, since both sides of the necklace was wet, it needed to hang to dry, so this was a perfect solution. I threw away the hangers after.


This was definitely a fun project, and it will add a fun splash of color to any outfit! I'm on to the next project and will show pictures of that once that is completed.