Thursday, May 24, 2012

Take a step back

Certain events in life make you take a step back from reality and just think....

      Yesterday, I had an event like that. It started out as a normal day. I pulled up to Physical Therapy, and parked where I normally do, right in front of the location, so when I look out the window I am able to see my car...paranoid of someone hitting it? YES! Rich, my physical therapist was working on my knee as usual, it was just before 10am. We were towards the back of the location, on the fifth table. All of a sudden out of nowhere, we heard a loud crash like glass breaking. I turned toward to left where the noise came from and saw a BMW in the waiting room section. Then I looked back at my knee almost to continue my conversation with Rich. I guess I was in a daze and didn't even process what just happened. Then when we all realize this is a "crisis" situation, we got up to help. There were probably about eight people at the Physical Therapy location, my mom being one of them, she was working out there at the time. As I stood up and walked over to the accident scene, I thought oh shit my car! I immediately called my father and told him to hurry up and come here because someone just drove thru the place and my car got hit. I thought my car was also going to have to be towed. The woman driving the car, was in shock! I don't even remember her getting out of the car, but maybe I was on the phone with 911. As I was on the phone with 911, a patient came in, and I know he is a township police officer, he walked up to me, and I just gave him my phone. The woman driving the car, was trying to park in the spot right next to my car, I guess she hit the gas instead of the break.
     It was an absolute miracle that no one was hurt yesterday! The woman driving the car, her steering wheel airbag came out and so did her side curtain. She said her thumb was bothering her a tiny bit, but thats all. Thank goodness no one was sitting in those seating in the waiting room, or anyone was up front. Yes, there was a mess, with broken glass and cinder blocks and bricks and sheet rock everywhere, but that is all material things. My car, didn't even have a scratch! It had glass from the broken Physical Therapy window on it by the windshield wipers, but that is it!

My father usually goes with my mom to work out, and finishes before her, so he will sit in those seats with his back to the window, and read until my mother is finished. My mom told him to stay home yesterday for some reason, good thing she did.