Monday, April 2, 2012

Chevron Obsessed!!!

I have a bit of an obsession...Chevron! Anything chevron pattern, I pretty much LOVE! I'm not one to wear it, but an accented bag in a Chevron pattern would be cool! Here are some things that I love! Even my Twitter background is a muted grey Chevron pattern. I'm sick, I know!

I would love to do this to one wall in my room, but I am so anal, I would totally mess it up. I would have to call our painter and have him do it!

Love the pop of pink with the lucite! so girlie!

so chic..I love the various colors and the thin lines.

Well this is def a statement piece, so fun!

Boring chair, that is now fun again!

A bit boring on top, with a party on the bottom!

Ummm....hello I NEED this!!!!

Saw this on Etsy, so cute!