Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Our favorite shoe designer, Christian Louboutin has released a 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection. The collection features 20 shoes and 6 handbags. They are all very limited edition and from what I heard, sold out everywhere!! If you are a fan of Christian Louboutin on Facebook, you can see the whole collection there. Here are some pictures I came across of the collection. Nothing really excited me, except the studded platforms, but I would buy them and display them on a shelf and totally never wear them! What are your thoughts?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Chevron Obsessed!!!

I have a bit of an obsession...Chevron! Anything chevron pattern, I pretty much LOVE! I'm not one to wear it, but an accented bag in a Chevron pattern would be cool! Here are some things that I love! Even my Twitter background is a muted grey Chevron pattern. I'm sick, I know!

I would love to do this to one wall in my room, but I am so anal, I would totally mess it up. I would have to call our painter and have him do it!

Love the pop of pink with the lucite! so girlie!

so chic..I love the various colors and the thin lines.

Well this is def a statement piece, so fun!

Boring chair, that is now fun again!

A bit boring on top, with a party on the bottom!

Ummm....hello I NEED this!!!!

Saw this on Etsy, so cute!

The last Hurrah...

If you follow me on Twitter, well then you know that tomorrow I am having knee surgery (again!) Hopefully with all the time I have to spend being off my feet, I will be able to blog more!! This past weekend, very last minute, two girlfriends and I went out for a night on the town, since well, I am not sure when my next night out will be. crutches at a bar or club, oh so NOT cute!!!

Here are a few random shots from the evening. I rocked my leopard jeans, but of course I have no full length pics!

Oh also, would you talk to a guy that went out to a bar or club by himself ? Do you think it is odd he went alone or more power to him, he's confident ? Thoughts!!





Also, I wanted to share, Baby's first bath a few weeks ago!