Friday, March 2, 2012

Odds and ends

On a whim and a very I guess out of the blue decision, I got rid of my red Audi, and got a new one. My red one was in service, and instead of having all the service done on it, I traded it in!!! LOL Only me! So now this is my new baby! I don't know if I love the black yet, it has to grow on me, but I love the car, and it has way more features then my 2010 one had.

Also, as promised here is a pic of how I wore my leopard jeans....I may wear them tonight out to the bar, if I do, I will update with a pic also.

This is how I rocked my leopard jeans tank with the same white tank over it, black sweater and flat-ish black boots.

I wore that outfit to my brother's surprise birthday party...this was his cake! How fab!!! He is a firefighter, and he likes to dj in his spare time.

Do you see how the top part is supposed to be a record? So cool!!!!

And for all you Kardashian fan's, if you noticed the dealership where Scott "bought" his Rolls Royce from, but then had to quickly return, yes, I go to the same dealership. However, I go to Audi, he goes to the Bentley/Rolls Royce Dealership across the highway, I guess on the more expensive side of the highway you can say.

I hope you have enjoyed my random post!