Monday, March 19, 2012

Party Time!!!

You know how we do it in Jersey, BIG! For St Patrick's day, my friends and I all stay and the hotel and drink...some years we even see the parade. The town we go to celebrates St Patty's the week before....from what I remember a blast was had by ALL!!!






Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday Wish List!

Since my birthday is coming up, and I feeling kinda blah about it. I thought this might help. These are some items that are on my wish list...lets see what I get when the time comes.

Love this gypsy off the shoulder, ummm hoodie! Le duh!

You know me and Barbie!!

I am such a hoodie girl, how could I not love this!

How rad is this bracelet?? Its all barbie heels!!!

These bracelets made in Rhode Island by Kiel James Patrick! Love!

Want these in Pink, but wanted to show you guys they come in Navy also

How great is this hoodie, I know I am sick! Perfect for the gym! I love anything with ruffles!

Oh and bows are my fav also!

This has been on my wish list for awhile!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Odds and ends

On a whim and a very I guess out of the blue decision, I got rid of my red Audi, and got a new one. My red one was in service, and instead of having all the service done on it, I traded it in!!! LOL Only me! So now this is my new baby! I don't know if I love the black yet, it has to grow on me, but I love the car, and it has way more features then my 2010 one had.

Also, as promised here is a pic of how I wore my leopard jeans....I may wear them tonight out to the bar, if I do, I will update with a pic also.

This is how I rocked my leopard jeans tank with the same white tank over it, black sweater and flat-ish black boots.

I wore that outfit to my brother's surprise birthday party...this was his cake! How fab!!! He is a firefighter, and he likes to dj in his spare time.

Do you see how the top part is supposed to be a record? So cool!!!!

And for all you Kardashian fan's, if you noticed the dealership where Scott "bought" his Rolls Royce from, but then had to quickly return, yes, I go to the same dealership. However, I go to Audi, he goes to the Bentley/Rolls Royce Dealership across the highway, I guess on the more expensive side of the highway you can say.

I hope you have enjoyed my random post!