Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New polishes to be excited about!!

A new collection comes out tomorrow and no joke this Jersey girl has been counting down the days until March 1st so I can run...ok speed, to my nearest Sally's for The Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze. I love China Glaze's products, on me, their formula is great, lasts long and is very chip resistant!! I cannot wait!

Now I have no idea what The Hunger Games is about, all I know is their is a semi cult following! I better get my butt moving tomorrow to get the polish!

Dress Me Up: District 8, Textiles

Fois Gras: District 10, Livestock

Fast Track: District 6, Transportation

Hook and Line: District 4, Fishing

Stone Cold: District 2, Masonry

Smoke and Ashes: District 12, Coal Mining

Agro: District 11, Agriculture

Mahogany Magic: District 7, Lumber

Harvest Moon: District 9, Grain

Riveting: District 3, Technology/Mechanics

Electrify: District 5, Power

Luxe and Lush: District 1, The Capitol, Luxury

I want to get Luxe and Lush, even though it is prob very similar to my Essie Shine of the Times, and I want Smoke and Ashes.

Here is a better close up of the colors:

Thought this is appropriate since it is raining her today!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Printed Denim

I absolutely love the look of leopard denim...hello I'm from Jersey!! I recent got these Current Elliot ones and am so in love! They def aren't for the faint of heart, and the best accessory to wear with the pants are confidence.

You have to be a little picky with what you pair with these jeans because obvi they are the focal point of your outfit. You want to keep the rest of your look simple, not even big bold necklaces or earring work for this. I think they look best paired with boots, but can look cute with flats, just not on me.

I am planning on pairing my jeans with a madewell black tunic pocket tshitrt and a either a grey sweater or black blazer. They need to be paired with similar colors or other neutrals. If you want to add a pop of color I would suggest do it with a bold ring or shoes. I will def post pics on how I wear them.

These are some pictures I loved and I am using as outfit inspiration.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Add me to the list

New Obsession: Revlon's Lip Butters! Just got home from Target, and I love the product so much, not only have I texted my closest pals about it, but I feel the need to share the love with you guys!

Of course, in true Jessica fashion I researched online what colors I liked, and ones well weren't for me. I went with a list...only 4 colors on the list, but it was still a list. I also had added 2 more options that I felt would be suitable for my mom to wear and if I discovered those, I would grab them for her.

First stop, Ulta. Me and that store, I don't think we are good friends. Yes, I had a coupon, so I thought it would be great if they had the Lip butters, they did, but only the dark reds that are so not Jessica! I then looked at the nailpolish (le duh!) nothing caught my eye! I left!

I then drove across the parking lot to Target, a little defeated because of the selection Ulta had, I figured this was going to be a hunt! I quickly walked to the correct aisle, not only did they have a MUCH bigger selection then Ulta, they were on sale! Woo hoo! They of course, weren't organized, but who cares! I was def talking to myself saying yes and woo hoo (out loud) when I scored the colors I wanted from my list! I even ended up getting the 2 colors for my mom!!!

I got Cupcake, Gumdrop, Creamsicle & Cotton Candy for me, and then Peach Parfait and Pink Truffle for my momma!

I couldn't wait and put Cupcake on the second I got in the car!! It was love at first application! When they are applied, they feel like chapstick, moisturizing but not sticky. However, they give off as much color as a regular lipstick! This is always my problem, living in Jersey, the cold winters do a number on lips, so my saving grace is this:

The Lip Butters feel just as nice as my Blistex, but they jazz up my makeup look a little bit more and I love that!!

Now on to the packaging. I love how the top in semi clear, and the quilting makes it that much more girlie and fun! You can see the exact color when looking down on the lipstick which is great, so you can kind of judge if you think the color will work for your skin tone.

Please excuse my grody grey carpet, I thought it was the best backdrop for the colors.

Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Pink Truffle, Gumdrop, Peach Parfait, Creamsicle

Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Pink Truffle, Gumdrop, Peach Parfait, Creamsicle

Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Pink Truffle, Gumdrop, Peach Parfait, Creamsicle

Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Pink Truffle, Gumdrop, Peach Parfait, Creamsicle

I swear Creamsicle isn't Orange like it looks it the pics. It is more of a nude.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ankle booties

I have a pair of adorable ankle booties...oh you didn't know, maybe because they stay in the box in the back of my closet and NEVER get worn! I am trying to wear more of my clothes instead of the same outfits on repeat every week. When my brother moved out, I took over his closet too! I have enough clothes to prob wear a different item every day for easy three months straight!
Back to the ankle booties. I love them. I never wear them. I find its a style that is hard to rock. I have a long torso and short legs, my inseam is only 30 inches. I find ankle boots tend to make me look shorter, proportion wise.
To make the look with ankle booties a success, I think you need to elongate the torso, no issue here for me. You need to wear a tunic length shirt to balance out how the booties cut off your leg. My absolute favorite look is ankle booties with shorts or a dress and bare legs. However, since I have short stubs as legs, I cannot pull that look off. womp womp!
Here are some ankle bootie looks that I found on pintrest that I love!!!! Can't wait to experiment with my wardrobe!