Friday, December 30, 2011

Gift Time!!!

This year for Christmas, my parents told me, I had already gotten my gift, and I was getting nothing. I knew that wasn't the case, I would still get little things, but I was BLOWN AWAY! Just before I left for Disney, my parents said not to worry about paying them for the plane and the meal plan for my trip, that they would pay. Ummm SCORE! So with that in mind, I knew I would be getting little things. Also, the day I left for Disney, my brother surprised me with a new digital camera, how lucky am I?!
Fast Forward to Christmas morning, yes my brother had 18 presents, but I was fine with it. I had a bunch, mostly little boxes, and like 2 clothing boxes.

This is what I got:

Love the color!!!!

I love this necklace, and the pink stones around the edge.

Something that was on my wish list for a long time!

Def will get use out of this...the whole shirt has sequins, with more at the bottom, hard to see.

And of course I got gift cards galore! Can't wait to shop!