Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Disney Recap

Hello Everyone!!! I know I missed you guys also! My parents were away for ten days so it was just my brother and I and his girlfriend that I love so much home alone. Needless to say it was an amazing ten days filled with friends, vodka, take out, beer, dominos at 2am, and more alcohol. So sorry for the delay, but here is how my disney trip went!

My brother's girlfriend was a first time visitor. We had 2 one bedroom hotel rooms at Saratoga, there was one hotel room between us, which was nice, we were close enough, but far enough away for our own space.

We are the poncho wearing rained, we explored.

Epcot had there Food and Wine festival going on which was amazing, if you have never been during food and wine, go!!! There are a total of thirty that's right 30 countries, each with 3 food options and a few alcoholic options. Amazing!

Family pic!

Fun in Mexico!
Tequila Shots in Mexico

After the that's not sunburn on my face!

My cousins came up Friday, and left us on Sunday :( It was so good to see my cousins and see how big Jake is getting! I cannot believe he is five already! I remember when he was just six months old!!

Jake and I

My cousin, Jake and My brother