Thursday, September 8, 2011

A new fav accessory

By default, I ended up with this new bracelet called cPrime. It is similar to the power balance bracelet, but better!!! According to the company website, "the technology inside cPRIME consists of a patent
pending antenna array that is designed to absorb, redirect, and balance the electromagnetic energy around the human body.When the electromagnetic field is in proper balance, it supports the functioning of every system in the body. When the field is out of balance, the body cannot function at peak levels. cPRIME is designed to restore balance, enabling peak performance and a subsequent improvement in overall well-being."

The bracelet is equipped with a chip that alters the way your body interacts with the electromagnetic environment around you, which may help to increase your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. I know what you guys are thinking, and I'm not nuts! Today, is only my second day wearing it, and I cannot believe the amount of energy I had both days. That is the only difference so far I have seen. Def less yawning also. I will update to let you know if I experience anything else, like the vivid dreams that people say they experience. You are supposed to wear the bracelet everyday, yes that includes sleeping and showering. I love all the fun colors they come in, unfortunately, my brother order the one I have for himself, but his wrist is well, just too large for the M/L size, so I have boring black! A bunch of celebs wear them like A.Rod, Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts, and some basketball players from the Dallas Mavericks and the Orlando Magic.

Let me know if you have any questions!

These are a few examples of the Burn Band, that is what I have.

Violet/Black Burn Band

Red/Black Burn Band

White/Frost Burn Band

These are the Neo bands.

Bright Orange/White/Stainless

Ice Blue/Frost/Stainless Steel

Black/Ice Blue/Stainless Steel Slide Buckle

Garnett/Black/Matte Black