Sunday, September 11, 2011

I cannot contain my excitement!!!

As you (may) know, my parents are members of the Disney Vacation Club, its a timeshare Disney style! Well I am a member too now, thanks mom and dad! My best friend and I just booked a trip to go in December, not only am I stoked because its a girls trip (never done Disney without the 'rents before) but also because we are going to see the Osborne lights!!! In all the years I have been going to Disney, and yes, I have pictures of when I was there in a stroller with my brother, parents and my nanny, so I have been a lot, I have NEVER seen these lights. I am so stoked!! Also, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party will be going on, never been to that before either!!! I'm in!!! Oh and there were no studio rooms left, so we had to get a one bedroom, aw shucks all 800 sq ft of our hotel room will be ours to mess up! Ahhh the excitement is killing me!! I already told my friend to be prepared for daily disney texts! We aren't sure if the rest of the girls are joining us or not, but either way, even if it is only us 2, it will be a memorable time! woo hoo!!