Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am a food-a-holic!

So no style post today. I am making a left turn and talking about food today. Hope no one minds. I have been really strict about what I have been eating, and my stomach issues (I have IBS and am Lactose Intolerant) have subsided greatly!! Woo hoo!!

I eat the same thing everyday with a little variation on dinner. Creature of Habit huh??

For breakfast:
Trader Joe's Brand Nonfat Greek Yogurt. I get the kind below. I usually just stick to the Honey flavor, but today I ran out and only had Blueberry, and OMG it was amazing!! You would swear you are eating a fruit on the bottom yogurt. It had huge chunks of blueberries all threw out the product. I am so hooked!!!

I have tried every greek yogurt out there from Chobani, to Fage to Stonyfield Farm to Yoplait. This is the only one I can stomach because it isn't bitter at all. Hope you love it as much as I do.

For lunch:
I'm not going to lie its pretty boring, but I love it and don't get sick of it so that's good!!I have a veggie burger everyday. I get the GardenBurger in Original, so delish! I have been told to try the Amy's brand burger because it is heartier, but I can't seem to find it near me :( I am all about a veggie burger that I can pop in the about convenience and I love that I can do this with the GardenBurger.

For Snacks:
I am not much of a snacker. If I do snack it will be between lunch and dinner. I with either have an apple with pb...natural kind of course, no hydrogenated oils here! Or I will have some kind of snack by Sensible Portions. I have a serious addiction to everything they make. Today, I just got Pita Bites in Black Olive Feta!! so delish! However, to me, it tastes like a Kalamata olive and not a normal black olive. They are 120 calories for 9 crackers. I can totally see putting hummus on them also, I eat them plain though.

For Dinner:
Here is where I change it up a bit. I will most likely 5 out of 7 days have a chicken dish, grilled chicken of course, with a salad and grilled or baked veggies. I love to do broccoli, zucchini, carrot and a smidge of onion, (sometimes I do asparagus and green beans also, depends what I have) and thrown it in a pan and put it in the over for 45 minutes. I just throw a little bit of smart balance oil on it and maple pepper and in it goes. I could live on that, so yummy!