Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am a food-a-holic!

So no style post today. I am making a left turn and talking about food today. Hope no one minds. I have been really strict about what I have been eating, and my stomach issues (I have IBS and am Lactose Intolerant) have subsided greatly!! Woo hoo!!

I eat the same thing everyday with a little variation on dinner. Creature of Habit huh??

For breakfast:
Trader Joe's Brand Nonfat Greek Yogurt. I get the kind below. I usually just stick to the Honey flavor, but today I ran out and only had Blueberry, and OMG it was amazing!! You would swear you are eating a fruit on the bottom yogurt. It had huge chunks of blueberries all threw out the product. I am so hooked!!!

I have tried every greek yogurt out there from Chobani, to Fage to Stonyfield Farm to Yoplait. This is the only one I can stomach because it isn't bitter at all. Hope you love it as much as I do.

For lunch:
I'm not going to lie its pretty boring, but I love it and don't get sick of it so that's good!!I have a veggie burger everyday. I get the GardenBurger in Original, so delish! I have been told to try the Amy's brand burger because it is heartier, but I can't seem to find it near me :( I am all about a veggie burger that I can pop in the about convenience and I love that I can do this with the GardenBurger.

For Snacks:
I am not much of a snacker. If I do snack it will be between lunch and dinner. I with either have an apple with pb...natural kind of course, no hydrogenated oils here! Or I will have some kind of snack by Sensible Portions. I have a serious addiction to everything they make. Today, I just got Pita Bites in Black Olive Feta!! so delish! However, to me, it tastes like a Kalamata olive and not a normal black olive. They are 120 calories for 9 crackers. I can totally see putting hummus on them also, I eat them plain though.

For Dinner:
Here is where I change it up a bit. I will most likely 5 out of 7 days have a chicken dish, grilled chicken of course, with a salad and grilled or baked veggies. I love to do broccoli, zucchini, carrot and a smidge of onion, (sometimes I do asparagus and green beans also, depends what I have) and thrown it in a pan and put it in the over for 45 minutes. I just throw a little bit of smart balance oil on it and maple pepper and in it goes. I could live on that, so yummy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am loving braids at the moment. I just hate that when I take the braid out my hair looks so 80's! ugh! I have been wearing my hair on the obnoxiously hot days we are having in two braided pig tails. Very elementary school I know! It is minimal effort but still looks cute and keeps me cool. I cam across some really fun braids that I am currently obsessed with!! I will def try some of these out this week when the temperature is umm 100 degrees!

This one is my fav...going to try it tomorrow!!!

I love the look of this one. so cute!

Directions on how to do some different braids

Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's hope

I came across this new line Fixx and they have a lash growing product. You know how lash challenged I am so of course I snapped it up right away!! Remember those Stila lip gloss pens everyone wanted a few years ago?? Well that is the same thing the last extend comes in. Turn the end to push the serum onto the brush at the opposite end. You put it on in the morning and when you go to sleep, and are supposed to see results in 14 days!!! woo hoo!! That is much faster then the 6 weeks time or so with Latisse. I will def report back on the results. products - zoom