Saturday, March 5, 2011

"The Versatile Blogger'' Award

My fellow Blogger Rachael from Rachael's Closet Awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Make sure you go and follow her blog it is def one of my favs!! Thanks pretty lady!

The rules:
1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

Seven things about Me:

1) I believe in signs from people that have passed on. I have some stories that will make you go what?? That's for another post tho.

2) I have a sick obsession with makeup! Isn't it normal to have over 50 eyeshadows? And every employee at the MAC Counter to know you by name?

3) I am perfectly happy being single! I like being able to talk to whoever I want, and not having to worry about being tied down.

4) My dream job is a Wardrobe Stylist, and I am trying to pursue this. I have helped to style one girl on Jerseylicious and one of the new Housewives of NJ

5) I love my brother and we have the best relationship, but I can't stand his wife. We don't talk.

6) I go to Disney World at least once a year. Obsessed!

7) I get motion sick if I read ANYTHING in the car.

Here are the people I would like to pass this award on to, they all have amazing blogs and I love reading them!:
1) Amber from Amber's Notebook
3) Pauline from Instinct of Style
5) Shannon from Life After I Dew
6) Courtney from Keeping Up with Court
7) Jen from The Look 4 Less