Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feathers and Bling! Oh My!!

Last week, I got a feather extension put in my hair, and also got a few bling strings. Yes this is what Adrienne on Beverly Hills Housewives has. I get asked that allll the time!! I haven't seen anyone around here with feather extensions. Everywhere I go people stop me and say what is in your hair? I really should be carrying business cards around with me. I didn't get it done at my regular salon because they don't do them, you should have seen everyone's faces when I walked in. It is similar to a regular extension how it in put into your hair. You also have to be careful with it, when you use heat on you hair. I was told a low flat iron would be ok. Also, when I got my hair colored, I asked them to put the feathers in a foil so it wouldn't get ruined. I was told it will last a few months so we shall see. I got it in "Natural" because I thought it matched my hair well, but I would have loved to have gotten hot pink! It is hard to take a picture of the bling string. I tried to do the best I could, it kind of sparkles in the pictures.