Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jury is still out

The jury is still out on me wether I am a complete dork or a girlie girl! I am like a little kid that just happens to be 24. Whenever I go to visit my cousins, my cousin always tells me its like having 2 kids there because my favorite food is Mac and cheese and I can be content ordering off the kids menu. Anyway, I collect Holiday Barbie, and some special Barbies like Hello Kitty, and all 3 Louboutin Barbies. Every christmas/Channukah (yes I celebrate both) I beg and nag my parents to death about having "santa" purchase this years Holiday Barbie for me. It was a tradition that my grandma started in 1995, and I am glad my parents carried it on for me. This week, my father and I were in Target, and saw Holiday Barbie and he got it for me. Usually I just find out on christmas if I got it or not. My mom came home from work, and I showed her how beautiful this years Barbie was, she wasn't happy! She had already got my this years Barbie a few weeks ago! Oops! That is what happens when you keep secrets!

Here she is!!!