Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lipsy Love!

The other day in the mail, I got an invitation from Bloomies introducing there new partnership with a British line called Lipsy. I never heard of the company and after reading the invite, I threw it out. Yesterday, I went to Bloomies to see what I could find, and stumbled upon Lipsy. O.M.G. I am in love! I didn't get anything from the collection because it is mostly going out dresses. I loved all the dresses and wanted to buy them just because. They immediately reminded me of Kim Kardashian. They were similar to Herve Leger, with the ruching, but they are jeweled! Fabulous!!! Now for the bad news, the Lipsy line only seems to be available in the North Jersey stores and in LA's South Coast Plaza. Maybe we are the test stores, and will expand to more stores depending on sales? IDK

Does this dress look familiar?? Seen it anywhere?? Answer is at the bottom!
Fell in love with the pink dress on the right yesterday!
How cool, bejeweled pockets! Flashy and functional!

Now you remember the first dress???

via: Lipsy