Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jimmy Choo + Ugg = Love!!

I just got an email saying I can pre order the new Jimmy Choo and Ugg collab boots. I didn't even open it, and it was quickly put into my trash on my phone. Then after it registered, I opened it from the trash. The contents are amazeballs!!! I love anything with ruffles, bows or studs. This collab is studs on acid! Every part of the boot is studded! Once october hits, (maybe even sooner this year since its 58 and it is only September) I live in my Uggs. I am lucky if my classic short in Chestnut last 2 years. I wear them to death! You can preorder the collection here. I so wanted to get a pair, but the prices are a tad redic considering I go thru Uggs so fast! Bummer!

Love these!
I think zebra, and studs might be a bit much, even for this jersey girl

What's your thoughts on this? I see this being on Jerseylicious!

Reminds me of Mukluk's
Oh how I wish these weren't $600!!!