Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A new level of a Onesie!

What do you guys think of this? Looks cute right? Comfy outfit for the weekend, even though, I don't remember the last time I rocked a button down. I saw this in New York Mag yesterday, and it is available on I think the length of the jeans, plus the short cuff would make me look even shorter.

Look closely!! The shirt and jeans are CONNECTED!!!!

I think this is a bit much for the onesie fad! Thanks Levi for taking it to the next level, I will not be participating in this mess!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Last week, I was so excited to go to the launch of the Disney Villains for Mac collection. Officially the collection doesn't come out until the 30th. It *might* be on the mac website already, I have't checked. Not only were some regular items repackaged for this collection, but there weren't many choices AT ALL! After looking online at various website that leak info, the collection seemed large and in charge! Not the case. I ended up getting only three items. Wish I would have loved it more. It just lacked that wow feature in my opinion.

I got the nude one on the right. I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick. Creme de Nude, gets all beaten up because it is a creamsheen :(

Can't wait to experiment with this eyeshadow!! One of the girls had it on that night and it looked awesome!

This is how it looks closed.

I can't wait to actually put this nail polish on!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is it really fall?

Today, it is 80 degrees. New Jersey weather has been super wacky this year. In the beginning of the week, it was freezing, like I mean I broke out my north face at night, and today, shorts and a tank. I switched my closet over to fall clothing yesterday, but left 2 pairs of shorts in it. I also left all my sandals out. I feel like you can rock sandals until its 40 degrees. I prob will wear them, until mid October, not everyday of course. And the foot that I broke 2 years ago, is always colder then my not broken foot, but its ok. The dr said thats normal, yeah ok! I went to the beach over the summer, and it was a blast. I have been meaning to post my beach pics, but life got in the way. Anyway here they are!

Thank you Khloe for telling me I'm a fat ass!
Is this a Jersey thing? Planes flying by with banners?
More advertising!!!
I was a little chilly! See you in April Mickey!!!
The waves were rough!
The beach
Cold, but comfy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Warming Trend

I am always freezing! It is the worst, I am always in layers, and bundled to the max, that is why I live in my uggs! Some of my favorite fall looks are posted below. I love a bulky sweater that keeps you cozy and still looks fabulous!

I would wear this when it is cold, just with leggings or stocking under the shorts.

This one is my absolute fav!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jimmy Choo + Ugg = Love!!

I just got an email saying I can pre order the new Jimmy Choo and Ugg collab boots. I didn't even open it, and it was quickly put into my trash on my phone. Then after it registered, I opened it from the trash. The contents are amazeballs!!! I love anything with ruffles, bows or studs. This collab is studs on acid! Every part of the boot is studded! Once october hits, (maybe even sooner this year since its 58 and it is only September) I live in my Uggs. I am lucky if my classic short in Chestnut last 2 years. I wear them to death! You can preorder the collection here. I so wanted to get a pair, but the prices are a tad redic considering I go thru Uggs so fast! Bummer!

Love these!
I think zebra, and studs might be a bit much, even for this jersey girl

What's your thoughts on this? I see this being on Jerseylicious!

Reminds me of Mukluk's
Oh how I wish these weren't $600!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lipsy Love!

The other day in the mail, I got an invitation from Bloomies introducing there new partnership with a British line called Lipsy. I never heard of the company and after reading the invite, I threw it out. Yesterday, I went to Bloomies to see what I could find, and stumbled upon Lipsy. O.M.G. I am in love! I didn't get anything from the collection because it is mostly going out dresses. I loved all the dresses and wanted to buy them just because. They immediately reminded me of Kim Kardashian. They were similar to Herve Leger, with the ruching, but they are jeweled! Fabulous!!! Now for the bad news, the Lipsy line only seems to be available in the North Jersey stores and in LA's South Coast Plaza. Maybe we are the test stores, and will expand to more stores depending on sales? IDK

Does this dress look familiar?? Seen it anywhere?? Answer is at the bottom!
Fell in love with the pink dress on the right yesterday!
How cool, bejeweled pockets! Flashy and functional!

Now you remember the first dress???

via: Lipsy

Friday, September 3, 2010

Excited is an Under Statement

I want to apologize in advance of my lack of blogging that will be occurring this weekend. Today, is the day, that my brother Officially gets sworn in as a paid firefighter for a neighboring town. I am so excited and proud of him, I am tearing up already! Come on Jess, pull it together!! He has been a volunteer firefighter in my town since he graduated High School ten years ago, and has excelled in that roll. He also got a job for our town as a Fire Inspector, but knew it wasn't what he wanted. He applied and took the test to be on the list for the city where he EVENTUALLY got hired over 4 years ago. You had to live in this town, which is a pretty standard requirement for most paid departments. Not only do they check out where you live, and quiz you about it, and ask to see your dirty clothes, and the contents of your fridge, but you also have to go through drug, psychological, physical test. I am just so proud of him that he stuck it out these last four years, through all the ups and downs of not knowing. If he didn't get hired now off of this list, he would have had to start the process all over again, and he might have reached the age limit by the time the city got to his number. At least he is in and golden! Oh also, which I find odd, today is so important to all of my family, and we are supposed to feel the effects of hurricane Earl. I don't know if I revealed yet, that my grandmother leaves me sings quite often to let me know she is around. But her name started with an E like Earl, and Earl has all three of her initials in the word, ELR. I find this so amazing. I think it is something more then a coincidence, what about you??
Have a great weekend everyone!!