Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a let down!!!

Yesterday, I made these cupcakes. They are from the bakery in California called Sprinkles. I figured instead of flying across the country to try the cupcakes, the cheaper way would be to go to Williams Sonoma and by the mix. Well, I bought the chocolate.

Mix everything together, and spoon it into the cupcake pan

Remove them from the oven, and let them cool

Made the icing, put the icing in a bag with the correct tip, and did the icing! Viola, the finished product!!

I even drove like an old lady to make sure no cupcakes took a nose dive. I even had to get gas too! Pfew it was rough, but they made there arrival safely. After dinner, we broke them out!! I was so excited, and proud of myself that I made them, even the icing! First bite....BIG FAIL!!! They were not burnt, but tasted bland, dry and not even sweet. I thought they were on the same level as Magnolia or the Petite Cafe, boy was I mislead!!! I couldn't even finish the cake part, so I broke off the top and ate just the top!! The icing, I made (go me!) was to. die. for. Amazing!!! I always eat a cupcake starting with the bottom first, and save the top for last, but in this case, I was not able to even eat the cake. major grody!!