Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tweeze in Style!

I don't own a pair of tweezers, and never really saw a need for them. Yes, I know they are great for eyebrows, but I butchered my eyebrows so bad one time with a pair of tweezers that my waxing girl made me swear never to pick up the tweezers in between waxing sessions again. However, these tweezers, might be a great addition to my beauty drawer! Betsey Johnson and Tweezerman, have teamed up and the outcome is AWESOME!! You can get the tweezers from Sephora. They are all $25, I know a tad steep for a pair of tweezers, but man are they funky! My fav is the traditional Betsey one with the roses. You can feel like you are in one of her stores while removing the hairs! How fun!!!

Love the Betsey signature on the back!

Which is your fav??

Via: Sephora