Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crunchy Gummy Bears

Yumm!! I am not a candy lover, but Crunchy Gummy Bears are my favorite!! I am not a gummy bear fan, unless they are soaked in Vodka of course, but there are in a league of there own! I discovered them about a year ago, when I went down to Atlantic City with my friends. I can only find them at this particular candy store which is called It's Sugar. The candy store is in the Pier Shops on the Boardwalk if anyone is going anytime soon. My parents went to AC for the day yesterday to meet friends that live in Maryland, and I said don't come back without my favorite Crunchy Gummy Bears! I woke up this morning and on my desk was a very heavy bag filled with them! Over $10 worth! Woo hoo!! You can purchase these little critters online, but every time I look they are sold out :( What is a crunchy gummy bear you ask? Its a regualr gummy bear covered with small round sprinkles which equals major deliciousness!!!