Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are you ready for some Football???

I sure was last night! It was the first preseason Giants game, and the first football game EVER in the new stadium. As of right now, everyone is calling the new stadium the new meadowlands stadium. However, Giants stadium was recently demolished, so isn't this the new Giants stadium?? I think so! I put the game on towards the end of the second quarter, so I missed the infamous Eli head injury, but he is tough, and should be fine! Oh did I mention who the Giants were playing last night? Our rival, the Jets! Grody!! Everyone was bashing the other team, and North Jersey was once again divided, on whose team will be superior! Ahhh love Football in Jersey! Anyway, Giants won, duh! We were behind, but came back, to win. Thanks to Cruz, who is out of Paterson Catholic High School, which is about ten minutes (thru the ghetto) from me! Hopefully, he will get picked up by the Giants and they won't be stupid and let him go, because he was AWESOME!! I of course wore my jersey, it felt so good to put it on! Too bad Osi wasn't playing tho :( He has a hip injury so I guess the coaches thought it would be best for him to sit this one out, and not injure himself even more, especially since it is only an exhibition game.

Rocking my Jersey, of course! Yes I swear, I have pants on!!!