Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stella and Dot

My sister in law started selling a jewelry company a few months ago called Stella and Dot. This past week, I had a "trunk show" for her, friends came over, had wine and shopped. From that party, the hostess (me!) gets a percentage of the total sales of free money for jewelry, and also can get up to 4 half priced items! I was like a kid in a candy store going through the catalog last night with her! Oh and we both have the same love for crunchy gummi bears, so we had crunchy gummi's and stella and dot! Sounds like a good night to me!

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a fan of this necklace, as am I!! Also, if you watch Bachelor Pad, Elizabeth wore it on last week's episode!
This necklace comes with a black ribbon, so it can be worn layered like this, or longer
How amazing are these earrings and matching bracelet???

Simple and classic. Good for everyday.
Would never guess these earrings are under $40 huh?
Had to have this one!!! My favorite, saved the best for last! Can be worn short or long, depending on how you tie the ribbon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Denim shoes?

I saw a bunch of denim shoes on ShopBop and threw up a little bit in my mouth! The denim on these shoes looks like it is from the 80's. I like how they are edgy with studs and grommets but come on people! This look is not one for me! What do you think, will you be rocking denim feet?

These are the only ones I would buy if I had to

Updating my Giants Wardrobe

Every football season, during the week I can be found in either, my giants hat, or my vintage logo shirt, and my jersey of course on game day! This season, I was thinking about making some additions to that aspect of my wardrobe. I found some really awesome Junk Food gear, and need help deciding...what do you think?

Reminds me of my rebel yell "more more more" tee!

This one is must have!

Guys version of the one above, I'm stuck on which one to get!

I Love Madewell

My absolute favorite store hands down is Madewell. I am so excited, they now have a website that has online shopping!! I discovered this store about 2 years ago and instantly fell in love. The store and garments don't even resemble there sibling j.crew. I love there attention to detail and the uniqueness of the garments. Below are some of my favorite items for fall.

How fun are the sequin sleeves?

My Absolute favorite look!! I will def be rocking this!
I love me a funky vest!
Look at the awesomeness of this shirt?! Amazing!

A few Accessories that I love!! The bow comes in a cuff, ring and brooch. I ordered the cuff!!! I also love that necklace and bracelet, so fab! Madewell, you are bad for my bank account!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Denim at Sephora?

Want to get a new pair of jeans while deciding on which mascara to buy? Well if you go to a Sephora in Italy, that can happen! Sephora is stepping into the world of denim with a new line titles LeRock Jeans. The denim seems to serve as a push up bra for your bum. Two different stretch fabrics, and heart shaped cut is what helps with the lifting! I wonder how the store will be set up, I hope the denim wouldn't be in between the fragrances and makeup. I do not need a butt lift, as I have no butt! Thanks to my genes! Would you be interested in these up lifting jeans?

(close up of the action!)

via: WWD

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tweeze in Style!

I don't own a pair of tweezers, and never really saw a need for them. Yes, I know they are great for eyebrows, but I butchered my eyebrows so bad one time with a pair of tweezers that my waxing girl made me swear never to pick up the tweezers in between waxing sessions again. However, these tweezers, might be a great addition to my beauty drawer! Betsey Johnson and Tweezerman, have teamed up and the outcome is AWESOME!! You can get the tweezers from Sephora. They are all $25, I know a tad steep for a pair of tweezers, but man are they funky! My fav is the traditional Betsey one with the roses. You can feel like you are in one of her stores while removing the hairs! How fun!!!

Love the Betsey signature on the back!

Which is your fav??

Via: Sephora

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are you ready for some Football???

I sure was last night! It was the first preseason Giants game, and the first football game EVER in the new stadium. As of right now, everyone is calling the new stadium the new meadowlands stadium. However, Giants stadium was recently demolished, so isn't this the new Giants stadium?? I think so! I put the game on towards the end of the second quarter, so I missed the infamous Eli head injury, but he is tough, and should be fine! Oh did I mention who the Giants were playing last night? Our rival, the Jets! Grody!! Everyone was bashing the other team, and North Jersey was once again divided, on whose team will be superior! Ahhh love Football in Jersey! Anyway, Giants won, duh! We were behind, but came back, to win. Thanks to Cruz, who is out of Paterson Catholic High School, which is about ten minutes (thru the ghetto) from me! Hopefully, he will get picked up by the Giants and they won't be stupid and let him go, because he was AWESOME!! I of course wore my jersey, it felt so good to put it on! Too bad Osi wasn't playing tho :( He has a hip injury so I guess the coaches thought it would be best for him to sit this one out, and not injure himself even more, especially since it is only an exhibition game.

Rocking my Jersey, of course! Yes I swear, I have pants on!!!

What a let down!!!

Yesterday, I made these cupcakes. They are from the bakery in California called Sprinkles. I figured instead of flying across the country to try the cupcakes, the cheaper way would be to go to Williams Sonoma and by the mix. Well, I bought the chocolate.

Mix everything together, and spoon it into the cupcake pan

Remove them from the oven, and let them cool

Made the icing, put the icing in a bag with the correct tip, and did the icing! Viola, the finished product!!

I even drove like an old lady to make sure no cupcakes took a nose dive. I even had to get gas too! Pfew it was rough, but they made there arrival safely. After dinner, we broke them out!! I was so excited, and proud of myself that I made them, even the icing! First bite....BIG FAIL!!! They were not burnt, but tasted bland, dry and not even sweet. I thought they were on the same level as Magnolia or the Petite Cafe, boy was I mislead!!! I couldn't even finish the cake part, so I broke off the top and ate just the top!! The icing, I made (go me!) was to. die. for. Amazing!!! I always eat a cupcake starting with the bottom first, and save the top for last, but in this case, I was not able to even eat the cake. major grody!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I just got home from seeing this movie. Loved it! Its def a must see, but make sure to bring your sweatshirt and a pillow for your butt because the movie is looooong!! Like I mean close to 2 1/2 hours. I forgot my sweatshirt, and you think that since I am always freezing I would have brought it? Nope! Anyway, in some of the scene's Julia Roberts look like her top lip got stung by a bee. Could it be a bee sting or a little too much botox from the good old plastic surgeon?? Hmmm

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crunchy Gummy Bears

Yumm!! I am not a candy lover, but Crunchy Gummy Bears are my favorite!! I am not a gummy bear fan, unless they are soaked in Vodka of course, but there are in a league of there own! I discovered them about a year ago, when I went down to Atlantic City with my friends. I can only find them at this particular candy store which is called It's Sugar. The candy store is in the Pier Shops on the Boardwalk if anyone is going anytime soon. My parents went to AC for the day yesterday to meet friends that live in Maryland, and I said don't come back without my favorite Crunchy Gummy Bears! I woke up this morning and on my desk was a very heavy bag filled with them! Over $10 worth! Woo hoo!! You can purchase these little critters online, but every time I look they are sold out :( What is a crunchy gummy bear you ask? Its a regualr gummy bear covered with small round sprinkles which equals major deliciousness!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Haute & Naughty!

I love a good mascara and since my lashes are super awful, I might have to give this new mascara a try! Its by Mac, and its 2 mascara's in one tube!!! It is in stores on September 16, but is available now at Nordstrom.com. One end of the tube is for daytime looks, and then the other brush is for more over the top, nighttime lashes (my fav) I am on the fence about this mascara just because I don't really enjoy natural looking lashes, because mine are so sparse and straight and grody! I am really loving Mac's mascara called Opluash, it came out a few months ago, and that combined with the prep and prime lashes, actually makes me look like I have some lashes.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My soft spot

I have a soft spot for anything Versace! When I interned with them in the city, they were amazing! Everyone was so nice and my experience working with everyone is truly memorable. Too bad they have no job for me now! Grr! Anyway, did you see this insane cell phone that they came out with? Love that it is pink!! I bet Allega (who owns more of the company then her mother) had something to do with the color! If you want the technical computer nerdy details, here ya go! Price tag...$6,350..bummer!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

William Rast for Target

The newest designer collaboration with Target will be William Rast. The cheaper version of WR's classics will be available at the end of December both in store and online. The Target line will include both men and women denim, outwear and sportswear. I am not a fan of these Target collections because the two closest Targets to me, get about 4 pieces out of the whole collaboration. After I get home from Target and look online at the collection, just about every piece is sold out, and most of the times isn't even replenished. It is rather annoying! I think this would be a trendy and more versatile partnership, that would appeal to a younger generation. Looking forward to it!! No pictures of the designs yet...so just enjoy this picture of Justin!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have a sick obsession...

I love all things Mac (cosmetics of course). I only go to the Mac counter at Bloomies (my fav store duh!) and all the Mac sales associates know me by name. It's sick! Anyway, I cannot wait for the Mac Venomous Villains Collection for Disney to launch at the end of September. My two favorite things, Disney and Mac!!! I'm a bit excited! Warning: picture overload (I'm that excited)