Monday, July 26, 2010

Denim your way

My friends are always laughing at me because when there is something I don't like about an article of clothing in my closet, I run to my seam ripper and scissors. I adjust that particular item to how I think it should be. This Denim Distressing Kit by Bristol 6 is right up my alley!!! It has all the tools one would need to alter there jeans, and make them your own. I love having one of a kind pieces and this kit makes that possible!!

Each Denim kit includes: Hem Tape, Adjust-A-Button, White Fabric Paint, Bleach Pen, Small Hard Bristles Brush, Pumice Stone, Stencils, Seam Ripper (my fav!!) Scissors (Another must have!), Tailor Chalk, Safety Pins, Studs, Playlist Suggestions, and a Tips & Tricks Guide.

The only drawback...having to wait until the end of August to get it...Bummer!