Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dolce Vita for Taget

Dolce Vita is the latest company to partner with Target. I have a few pairs of there shoes and they are my favs. They are always so on point, and edgy while still being comfy. The collection is currently available here. They only have a handful of shoes available online (in stores 8/22), and most of them, well all but 1 style is not my cup of tea. Who knows maybe it is your style tho!

Of course I love these!!!

Olsenboye Fall lookbook

Each year Mary Kate and Ashley travel to a different city to get inspiration for there Olsenboye line. The line is exclusive to JC Penney. Some of these looks make me want to actually walk into the nearest JC Penney. I could do without the knee socks....I remember rocking that trend in middle school...never again!


Monday, July 26, 2010

One Size Fits All

Now no matter what size you are, you can enjoy high end designer clothing. The flagship Saks in NYC will be carrying up to size 14, and in some cases up to size 20 of your favorite designers. The plus size clothing will be available on the same floor in the same section as the smaller sized versions. The designers participating are Chanel, D & G, YSL, Alexander McQueen, Fendi, and Roberto Cavalli. However, apparently only one item in each size will be available. So if you are plus size, pounce on your size when you see it. Also, if Saks in the city does well with this new venture, the other Saks locations may be not far behind.


A Texas State of Mind

I adore these photos. They are of Erin Wasson in Elle Italia, the August edition. I absolutely love every pic, so effortless, and funky. I love when girlie pieces are paired with something edgy. They make me want to go to Texas for some bbq!! Oh and I must find those boots! I love the studs, buckles, and chains on them, so me!!!

Via: Studded Hearts

Gaga Oh La La

I just read on that Gaga is working on her very own fragrance! I can't wait to smell it! Supposedly it will be a unisex scent, which is interesting. I am rather excited, and I never go after all those celeb scents. Below is Mother Monster at this year's Grammy's. Look at those shoes, how does one walk in those??? Love the outfit, and all the bling of course, the hair, well that's just Gaga!!

Denim your way

My friends are always laughing at me because when there is something I don't like about an article of clothing in my closet, I run to my seam ripper and scissors. I adjust that particular item to how I think it should be. This Denim Distressing Kit by Bristol 6 is right up my alley!!! It has all the tools one would need to alter there jeans, and make them your own. I love having one of a kind pieces and this kit makes that possible!!

Each Denim kit includes: Hem Tape, Adjust-A-Button, White Fabric Paint, Bleach Pen, Small Hard Bristles Brush, Pumice Stone, Stencils, Seam Ripper (my fav!!) Scissors (Another must have!), Tailor Chalk, Safety Pins, Studs, Playlist Suggestions, and a Tips & Tricks Guide.

The only drawback...having to wait until the end of August to get it...Bummer!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Total Jersey Style!!!

How sick are these Louboutins? They are def one of the pairs of Loubs I would buy just too look at. I love the bling, and how the heel is all blinged out, so hot! They scream over the top, and I know that is what Jersey style is all about, but they are a little too much for my feeties!

Via: Fashionising

Oh Charlize

In the July issue of Elle France, Charlize is looking amazing!! I love everything about these pics!

Loved the eyeliner winged out!!
The short and the top, so right now! The socks and heels is a new trend...not sure if I will be rocking this trend, will you?
This photo has vintage vibe which is great, and I also love red shoes with anything!! Def an A+ in my book!

Via: Fashionising

Take me to the Stars

I recently came across this awesome line of jewelry. It is called Drown, from award winning designer Alicia Hannah Naomi who is behind the amazing line Drink me Alice. Drown's Nebula collection is actual pictures of stars, that are then transformed into pendants. I love the colors and how you can see little stars in the pendant. My fav is the necklace above, the funky shapes, and the variations in color. What a fun statement necklace...I hope to see this in my future!!!
Image 1

Via: Fashionising, Drown Jewellery