Friday, December 10, 2010

My lashes suck!

Hey all! I know I have talked about this before, but my lashes are grody! They are straight, thin, and never curl! Thanks genetics! I am a M.A.C.-aholic, however, I have strayed. I was using M.A.C.'s prep and prime lashes for as long as I can remember, well when my bottle was up, I went to sephora and got Make Up Forever's Lash Fibers. I am in L.O.V.E.!!!

Everyone has been commenting on how great my lashes look. Don't get me wrong, they don't look like I have falsies on, but they look a bit better then average! I also got Lancome's Hypnose Drama.
Strayed from M.A.C. makeup girls at M.A.C. are going to kill me!!! Hey at least it's the same company right? I love the way my lashes look and feel when I use Lash Fibers and then Hypnose Drama. I know I need to do before and after pics.....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paul and Joe Favs

These are a few looks from Paul and Joe's line, and I love them. I've never been a fan of them before. Maybe because my psycho ex boyfriend's name is Joe, so every time I hear that name I throw up a bit in m mouth.

Via: NY Mag

Lovely Lively

I don't watch Gossip Girl, I know I'm missing out, but I saw these pictures where Blake Lively was in NYC. She looks stunning! I don't normally like her outift choices, but these were totally spot on! I love the cropped jacket thats sparkly, and the booties are awesome!

Monday, November 15, 2010


MTV's European Music Awards were held recently. These are some of my favorite looks. I think these ladies totally killed it. Love Love Love!!!

Love the dress, the color, the one shoulder, ruffles, the BOTTOM!! Now if only on her casual days she looked as great.

Miley looks Amazing!

Love the colorblock, and the deep V

I adore this! The ruffles, the length, the color, Fab!

Risky, but it worked. I think the print is fun, and the ruffles and cut outs it just works.

I'm a Genie in a Bottle...

How fab does Ms. Aguilera look in these pics featured in Instyle UK. The makeup is amazing, I especially love the natural lip! I know she can pull off the perfect red lip, but I feel like it is always so harsh.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My creative side....

I do have a creative side believe it or not. When I broke my foot and was bored out of my mind, I blinged the my converse. I only did the white part by the toe because as hard as you try, you can never keep it white and fresh. I was recently browsing Shopbop and I came across this fun Free People tank.
Free People Bowtie Tank

You're probably thinking, Jess its nothing special its a black tank! Hello! But then there is the back...

Free People Bowtie Tank

Ahhh now you see why I love it? You know me and my bows! Below is a close up of the bow detail. That is right, it has bling also!

Free People Bowtie Tank

However, this got me to thinking, it is now Fall here in the dirty, and I would cover up the back anyway, and no one would see the rad bow! So I thought about running to Michael's to get ribbon, and rhinestones, and making a bow pin just like that! That way, it is an accessory that I can wear with different outfits and use in different combos. Hair accessory? Sure! Pin on a sweater? Why not! Pinned to my bag to dress it up? Score! I see this bow being used in all kinds of outifts this season! I will report back and let you know how the project goes! Off to Michael's!

Kate Moss for Topshop

These pics are for A/W 2010. They are amazing!

Toss up for my favs, this one, and the one below with the sweater

Kate Moss for Topshop: A/W 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop: A/W 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop: A/W 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop: A/W 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop: A/W 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jury is still out

The jury is still out on me wether I am a complete dork or a girlie girl! I am like a little kid that just happens to be 24. Whenever I go to visit my cousins, my cousin always tells me its like having 2 kids there because my favorite food is Mac and cheese and I can be content ordering off the kids menu. Anyway, I collect Holiday Barbie, and some special Barbies like Hello Kitty, and all 3 Louboutin Barbies. Every christmas/Channukah (yes I celebrate both) I beg and nag my parents to death about having "santa" purchase this years Holiday Barbie for me. It was a tradition that my grandma started in 1995, and I am glad my parents carried it on for me. This week, my father and I were in Target, and saw Holiday Barbie and he got it for me. Usually I just find out on christmas if I got it or not. My mom came home from work, and I showed her how beautiful this years Barbie was, she wasn't happy! She had already got my this years Barbie a few weeks ago! Oops! That is what happens when you keep secrets!

Here she is!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love these looks!

What do you guys think about the hemline where the dress is shorter in the front and longer in the back? I know it reminds me of an 80's look, but its so right now! I love it, and I would rock it if I had an event to go to.

I know on Fashion Police they hated the look below on Nicole Richie, but I love it! I love all the tulle and the ribbon! It is so effortless and fun! I don't think it swallowed her like they said on Fashion Police.

I love this look on Kim Kardashian below. She was hosting the red carpet for E! for an awards show. It fits her perfectly and is so fun! It is different with out being crazy!

This is from this years Teen Choice Awards. I love what everyone is wearing! Kourtney's dress is my favorite!!! I love how it is cut out and overlapping, how fab! The bling makes it that much more awesome! Kim's outfit is sick also! The bejewled shoulder is so hot right now. Over the one sleeve thing tho, sorry Kim! The younger sisters look so great too. They dressed there age without looking like they tried too hard! Good Job Ladies. I'm not too much of a fan oh Khloe's outift, but she does look stunning!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A new level of a Onesie!

What do you guys think of this? Looks cute right? Comfy outfit for the weekend, even though, I don't remember the last time I rocked a button down. I saw this in New York Mag yesterday, and it is available on I think the length of the jeans, plus the short cuff would make me look even shorter.

Look closely!! The shirt and jeans are CONNECTED!!!!

I think this is a bit much for the onesie fad! Thanks Levi for taking it to the next level, I will not be participating in this mess!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Last week, I was so excited to go to the launch of the Disney Villains for Mac collection. Officially the collection doesn't come out until the 30th. It *might* be on the mac website already, I have't checked. Not only were some regular items repackaged for this collection, but there weren't many choices AT ALL! After looking online at various website that leak info, the collection seemed large and in charge! Not the case. I ended up getting only three items. Wish I would have loved it more. It just lacked that wow feature in my opinion.

I got the nude one on the right. I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick. Creme de Nude, gets all beaten up because it is a creamsheen :(

Can't wait to experiment with this eyeshadow!! One of the girls had it on that night and it looked awesome!

This is how it looks closed.

I can't wait to actually put this nail polish on!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is it really fall?

Today, it is 80 degrees. New Jersey weather has been super wacky this year. In the beginning of the week, it was freezing, like I mean I broke out my north face at night, and today, shorts and a tank. I switched my closet over to fall clothing yesterday, but left 2 pairs of shorts in it. I also left all my sandals out. I feel like you can rock sandals until its 40 degrees. I prob will wear them, until mid October, not everyday of course. And the foot that I broke 2 years ago, is always colder then my not broken foot, but its ok. The dr said thats normal, yeah ok! I went to the beach over the summer, and it was a blast. I have been meaning to post my beach pics, but life got in the way. Anyway here they are!

Thank you Khloe for telling me I'm a fat ass!
Is this a Jersey thing? Planes flying by with banners?
More advertising!!!
I was a little chilly! See you in April Mickey!!!
The waves were rough!
The beach
Cold, but comfy!